Aadhar Payment App

Aadhar payment app is a mobile application launched by the central government of India to promote digital payment. This new aadhar payment app will eliminate the need of plastic cards and point of sale machines (POS). This would also eliminate the fee payments of service providers like card companies such as MasterCard and Visa.

How Aadhar Pay App Works

Merchants has to download the aadhar cashless merchant application on their smartphones. Merchants also has to buy a biometric reader which is available at Rs.2000 and this needs to be connected to the payment application. The customer has to feed thumb impression to pay the money. The aadhar payment app will fetch the customers aadhar number and linked bank accounts. Now the customer can choose a bank and pay the money to the merchant.

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How to Download Aadhar Payment App

As soon as the central government announces the launch of the aadhar payment app, one can download it from the google play store app. Click Here to download the payment application.

Advantages of Aadhar Payment Application

Aadhar is a 12 digit unique identity of each resident of India. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a central government agency. The government made mandatory to link aadhar number with bank accounts. Currently 40 crore aadhar numbers are linked with bank accounts. It will become easy for the government in identifying the tax evaders.

Small business owners are struggling a lot due to the scarcity of cash in hand with the customers. This aadhar app will eliminate the need of the merchants to wait for the POS machines

Many people in India are uneducated and live in villages. These people are not much educated to use plastic cards and online transactions. This aadhar application will help these people in buying goods just with their thumb impression.

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